Dear Cranbrook in Bloom Participant

As you know, Cranbrook in Bloom encourages individuals of all ages and ability to make Cranbrook a more attractive place for its inhabitants, working population and visitors.   We’d like more local people to join us and are proposing a new look, with two categories of membership: Member and Supporter.  Anyone, subject to age, can join either category (or readily change category at a later stage), everyone would be a volunteer and no subscription will be payable.   Both categories are equally important for the survival and success of Cranbrook in Bloom and we’d be grateful if you could complete and return the form below.   Details of the two categories are: 


A Member would:

  • be any person over the age of 18

  • be prepared, if available to carry out the work of the Association (ie be involved in organising, supervising or assisting at events and work party days)
  • be expected, if available, to attend General Meetings (these are rarely held except for the one Annual General Meeting)
  • have one vote in any resolutions proposed at a General Meeting including taking part in the election of others for the appointment of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer
  • be eligible, if they wish, to stand for election to be the Chairperson, Secretary of Treasurer or a member of the Main Committee.  Members of the Main Committee would be expected, if available, to attend meetings as necessary (generally four or five a year)
  • strive to minimise risks whilst working so that work is carried out safely and insurance cover remains valid (risk assessments will be in place for activities)

A Supporter:

  • could be of any age.  Those under 16 would be supervised by a Member
  • would, if available, undertake work (e.g. planting, clearing etc.) given prior authority by a Member
  • would strive to undertake all work safely in accordance with the appropriate risk assessment
  • could be invited to attend any meeting of the Association but, whilst permitted to speak through the Chair, would have no vote


Please complete and return the form attached.  

Cranbrook in Bloom can only survive with the help of people like you. Thank you for the help you have already given and we look forward to working with you in the future. Please complete the form as soon as you can and either deliver to me or email as directed.


Very best wishes


Linda Page, Chairperson


Cranbrook in Bloom


The Membership Form


Hard copies of the form may be obtained from Page's Newsagents. To print the form, it needs to be downloaded to your computer.


1. Right click on the form

2. Left click on "Save image as" 

3. Choose the fiilename and the destination on your computer.  Save.

4. Print in the normal way

5. The form can be emailed or handed in as detailed on the "contact us" page. Click here